Narcissism and Parental Alienation

My experience has been that malignant narcissists are often possessed by demonic entities. The two terms are nearly synonymous. These individuals lack empathy. They lie repeatedly. They feed off of other people. They have no moral center. They have literally lost contact with their soul.

Malignant Narcissism is considered untreatable in western psychology. This is understandable. Energetic disturbances are beyond psychological assessment or intervention. We treat narcissism as an energetic disturbance.

Parental Alienation occurs when a child identifies strongly with one parent, while the other parent is hated and rejected without justifiable cause. Usually, the alienating parent has a vested interest in the child rejecting the alienated parent.

The malignant narcissist who is possessed by demonic entities, seeks to possess their child, and control their ex-spouse. The child’s energy system isn’t fully developed. The narcissistic parent possesses the child energetically, influencing their thoughts, feelings, and beliefs about the other parent.

The alienated parent has no power in the situation. Ordinary psychology doesn’t work here. The alienated parent can’t use psychology to convince the child that they aren’t a bad parent. They can’t remove demonic entities that are controlling their child. They may not even have access to the child.

The child is losing one of their parents here. Losing a parent is traumatic. The child’s first instinct is to be close to both of their parents. But demonic entities are so powerful, they override this basic human need. The child is ultimately a victim of energetic trauma. Here, treatment consists of removing all foreign entities from the child who is being possessed.

The MAP on the Source Work page shows how this is done. This is not something that should be attempted by novices. When ordinary psychological approaches aren’t successful, it’s beneficial to look at other cultures, and how they have successfully addressed these challenges for centuries. You may contact us if you have questions.