You’ve been asking me for an Energy Medicine Training Program, so here it is!

You’ve been asking me for an Energy Medicine Training Program,
so here it is!


Manifesting is aligning your energy body with your goals. Through Source Work, you will align your energy body with your goals for 2024 in three powerful steps.


During Week One, you’ll receive a one-on-one energy cleansing session, plus remote healing every day for 30 days. This is important. Everyone in the training needs to be energetically cleansed before they start working on other people. You also receive your own copy of the book, Source Work. Value for 30 Days: $497.

Week Two

Source Work Group Training:

  • Fundamentals of Energy. Is it real?
  • Principles of healing and working with energy.
  • Building your Portal. Your Portal is the center of your practice.
  • Learn how to diagnose clients.
    • Read their energy.
    • Ask the right questions.
    • Learn the fundamentals of muscle testing.
  • Practice

Week Three

The theme is Surrender. This is the first step in working with others. Learn how to prepare for sessions. Learn how Source Work is administered. Give and receive your first practice session.

Week Four

The theme is Receiving. Opening the crown to receiving an influx of high frequency energy. Give and receive your second session. Find a practice partner for this week.

Week Five

Week Five: The theme is Applying – applying energy to yourself and to your clients. Receive feedback. How can you improve?

Week Six

Receive Source Work Certification. Self-evaluation. What are your strengths? What do you need to do to grow?  Plus, more than 200 4DQ Frequency Codes. Value for Training: $997.

Bonus Program #1

Apply by December 31 and receive the bonus program, “AIM: Attract, Intend and Manifest”.  Four weekly meetings starting in January. Choose between “Money and Work”, “Love and Intimacy”, and “Health and Healing”. A Manifestation Workbook is included, utilizing the 3-6-9 approach. Value is $497.

Bonus Program #2

AIM in the New Year. GET the new year off to a good start. Manifest your ultimate 2024 today. Understand why Energy Work and Manifesting go together. Value: $97

Total Value

Total Value for this in-depth training is $2,088

End of Year Special

Enroll by December 31 and all three programs are only $497. That’s 10 meetings at less than ¼ the regular price – a savings of more than $1,500.

What is Source Work?

Source Work is a combination of Energy Medicine, Coaching and Body-Centered Therapy. We are unifying, and integrating the physical body, the emotional body, and the energy body. Facilitators work directly with Source energy.

We are opening the CORE of the Energy Body (see picture), and GROUNDING the energy body, so the core of your body is connected to the core of the Earth. We are balancing THE FIELD, so clients have strong, healthy boundaries.

Trauma shows up in the energy body as tears and holes in the field, a lack of grounding, and an inability to connect with Source Energy. You can spend years in therapy without healing any of these systems.



Darin Deterra, PhD is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) who spent more than 20 years training with world class energy healers, including:

  • Seven years working with indigenous healers in South America.
  • 14 years studying with Amma; months at her ashram in India.
  • Hundreds of sessions with Braco, the healer from Croatia
  • One year immersed in the work of German Healer Bruno Groening
  • Matrix Energetics, Levels I and II.
  • Reconnective Healing: Levels I, II, and III.
  • Ram Das: Worked one-on-one with Ram Das at his home in Maui; Group retreats in Maui, Hawaii.
  • Radiance Healing: Three years with master healer in Japan
  • Leta Rose: 500 sessions, one every day for 500 days in Seattle.
  • Source Work is the multi-cultural integration of these and other healing frequencies.


Training will begin the second week in January. Specific days and times will be determined by the schedules and needs of participants. Multiple times could be available if demand continues to be high.

Sessions will be conducted on Zoom unless enough people enroll for in-person training in L.A. Yes, energy healing can be effectively administered through Zoom – it’s valuable to learn how to do this.

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